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New Loose Leaf Teas and Teaware

Our newest selections straight from Taiwan and China

NewFavorites Ah Li
NewFavorites Hua Gang

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Why buy Loose Leaf Tea from J-Tea International?

We bring you ethically sourced, hand-picked, high-grade loose leaf teas from Taiwan, China, and all over the world.


J­TEA teas are personally tasted and selected by owner Josh Chamberlain during his annual trips to Taiwan, where he meets with small farmers to try the seasonal harvests. We bring back only the highest quality teas for our customers.


As a fast-­growing small business based in Eugene, we value the community that has supported us. We take pride in our tea, and that so many local businesses choose to sell our product. If you'd like to sell our teas at your businesses, please go here for more information. We ship regionally, nationally, and internationally.



While some tea companies focus on specific water temperature and measurements, we suggest looser guidelines and go with the simpler ideology of "to taste." We encourage experimenting with tea amounts and brewing time to explore what a perfect cup of tea means to you.


 The J­TEA Team is always available during business hours to answer your tea questions. Perusing our website and have a question about brewing or tea type? Call us! Not sure what kind of tea you like but know you'd like to find one? Come in and we'll suggest one that'll best suit your palate.