The Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is good for you.

The Health Benefits of Tea

Our legal department advised that I start this post out with the statement, “I am not a doctor.”

You've been warned.

Ah, the benefits of working in the tea industry - everyone is so healthy! Right. This may or may not be true. People think about tea in interesting ways. I once heard a customer say, “I drink tea so I don't have to eat vegetables.” I get it folks - tea is healthy. But not at the expense of all other ways of taking care of our bodies.

Sometimes I want to tell customers that I am not a doctor, especially when they start to tell me just a little too much about the symptoms of their particular ailments. I got in the business out of the love of tea - mostly its taste, smell, culture, the way it makes you feel, and so on. When I got into the tea business, I didn't have the foresight to know that people would be describing symptoms in the hope that I could prescribe a tea.

“Tea is good for you.” For a time on our website, this was the extent of the health-related information. Later, I saw this same sentiment expressed on the inside of the cap on a Harney and Sons iced tea. This is becoming commonly accepted knowledge. Yes, tea is good for us, but how is it good, or what is it good for?

According to legend Shen Nong, the Medicine King, had transparent skin. The word on the street is that the Medicine King and Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor, were friends. The Yellow Emperor learned what herbs did when he fed them to Shen Nong. Because of his translucent skin he could see what organs were affected by eating different plants. The experiments showed that tea was great for all of the organs involved with digestion. Because Shen Nong was often being partially poisoned, he relied heavily on tea to bring him back to health. Eventually Shen Nong ate something that he was not able to recover from and passed away, but only after being awarded the title of the Medicine King.

Picture taken from Wiki Page on Shen Nong: "Shennong as depicted in a 1503 painting by Guo Xu". More importantly, this picture depicts Shen Nong chewing a branch. He seems to be sitting on a dragon shaped mountain range or a dragon that looks like the mountain ridge he just followed to find this particular plant. 

Tea is healthy and helps many achieve balance. Some people start drinking tea because of their interest in improving health. From weight loss to cancer recovery, tea is helpful. I am always happy to hear when people share a story of how tea helped them return to health. I still find it amazing and inspiring.

The glorious health benefits of tea have been discovered and rediscovered. America's most followed health gurus can't say it enough, “Tea is good for you.”





Posted by Josh Chamberlain

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