The History of Kombucha - at J-TEA

We started brewing kombucha at J-TEA in 2014 and the results were favorable. So much so that we've been forced to keep brewing even when we didn't want to. We wanted to stop, but our kombucha was the kind of good that you just can't buy in the store, so we had to keep on brewing. Flash forward to present day: Oolong Bar is going through some kombucha! Now our brews are better than ever and we want to share with you some of what makes our kombucha so great.

The Tea

As a tea vendor specializing in high end tea, we have access to some of the best tea available. Because of our high standard and our direct relationships with the tea farmers, we source the freshest and purest tea available. This makes a huge difference in the overall flavor of the kombucha. We can depend on the actual tea flavors coming through to enhance rather than detract from the flavor of our brewed kombucha.


We want our kombucha to not only taste like kombucha, but we want it to have flavors from the tea that we use. For this reason, we are using some super tea concentrate when making our booch. The results are amazing! People and SCOBIs alike love this concentration.


We only use organic raw sugar to feed our kombucha culture.

Ceramic Crocks and Glass

We only brew in glass and ceramic pots. Although it is common practice, cheaper, and widely recommended, we choose not to brew in plastic receptacles. My spirit animal will not let me brew in plastic.


Just like when brewing tea, timing is everything. We brew according the kombucha’s schedule instead of a factory production schedule. We make it when it’s ready – and we wait for it to reach it’s optimal level of fermentation.

Post fermentation Compote

Post fermentation or secondary fermentation is where the carbonation happens. We add our organically grown, locally sourced house made fruit compote into the mix after the tea and sugar has transformed into kombucha.

Support the Culture

You can buy our kombucha at J-TEA on Friendly St. or at the Oolong Bar. Current flavors include Golden Plum and Peach. Oolong Bar is hosting Kombucha Happy hour Tuesday through Friday from 4 pm to 6 pm, with pints of kombucha for $4 and growler fills for $15.




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