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We are very interested choosing you a tea that you will love.

Make a Tea Taste Profile

Welcome to the tea taste consultation page on our website. We are trying to make the online user experience more like the in-store user experience. When you are in the store, we do our best to give you accurate information on tea, tea ware, and tea culture. But up until now, when you are on the J-TEA website, you have to do some searching to find the information that you are looking for. One answer we came up with for creating a better experience online is our tea taste consultation page. This is the page where you can create a tea taste profile for J-TEA

What can you expect when you fill out this form? After filling out the form you will receive an email within the next few days. The email will have some specifically chosen teas with links provided to the tea on our website. The email will also give you a discount offer specifically directed at the teas we are suggesting. Also, did you know when you order from our online store you will often be gifted a free sample? Look for your free sample and J-TEA sticker in your online order! 

Our main goal is to cut through all of the hype and snobbery and find you a tea from our collection that you are going to enjoy immensely. We do this best when we know a little bit about what your beverage preferences and choices focus on and why you are prone to those choices. For example, do you like caffeine? Are you trying to avoid caffeine? This page is where you can let us know. We are not just trying to sell you any tea. We are very interested choosing you a tea that you will love.

Thanks so much! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Posted by Josh Chamberlain

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