Out with the Monkey, in with the Rooster

It's almost poetic that this past year, a year filled with wild, surreal, and seemingly outrageous events, was the Chinese Zodiac's Year of the Monkey. As we move into Year of the Rooster, it's important to acknowledge and celebrate this transition of energy, both for ourselves and as a community. On Saturday January 28 from 12 pm - 6 pm, we will hold our annual Chinese New Year gathering and tea time capsule sealing event.

Chinese astrology refers to the Rooster as the “Dawn Awakener” and credits it with the characteristics of punctuality, loyalty, and quickness of wit. During this particular cycle, the Rooster's elemental pairing is Fire, an element which embodies creativity, warmth, and persistence. By celebrating the Rooster's arrival, we hope to experience its positive characteristics throughout this new year.

For our 6th annual tea sealing event, we have chosen to seal our Hairy Monkey White Tea, a tea we feel fitting to mark the end of such a “hairy” Year of the Monkey. The tea time capsule allows for aging, a process that results in more exceptional flavor and experience. Attendees are invited to sign their names on the seal and to return 20 years from now to enjoy a cup of tea from the capsule stored leaves.

We also encourage individuals to seal their own tea time capsules. We'll provide tea recommendations, labels for sealing, and offer many types of vessels. We hope that you'll join us!

-- Layla 

Posted by Josh Chamberlain

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