Tea Classes

Tea Classes


J-TEA Tea Class

Friday 11/4, 6-8 pm, $28

First Sips: This class is a preview of the new shipment of teas from Josh's recent trip to Taiwan. It will feature two green oolongs from a fourth generation tea farmer (Jade Bud and Shan Lin's Finest) and will introduce two new categories to J-TEA's collection: Liu An, a dark tea, and yellow tea (extremely limited quantity).


Our classes are loads of fun and very social. Think tea party before the concept was hijacked for political ends. There is or can be a great deal of information conveyed, but that is really not the point. First and foremost, we are drinking tea in a social setting. You don't need to know anything about tea, and we denounce tea snobbery of any kind.


This class is at J-TEA, 2778 Friendly St. Call 541-357-5492 to sign up.


Posted by Josh Chamberlain

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