Tea Micro Blog Question 1

What are the popular teas in the J-Tea collection at the moment?
1. Lugu Wu
2. Ah Li
3. Green Spring
4. Jade Pine
5. Dew Mountain
6. Eugene Breakfast
7. Chai Chai
8. Cooked Plum Puer
9. Assam FOP
More importantly, we’ve been experimenting with new cold brews. We learned that cold brewing Keemun black for 24 hours produces a beautiful black tea that combines extraordinarily with ginger or rhubarb syrup. Tea doesn't have to be expensive to be delicious! The cold brew Keemun recipe calls for $1.76 worth of tea per 1/2 gallon.

Mt. Ah Li Oolong in a mug.

Posted by Josh Chamberlain

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