Tea. The Other Caffeinated Beverage.

We often see customers approach tea in the same way as they would approach coffee. Although tea is a caffeinated beverage, it is decidely not coffee.
Our bodies process tea and coffee much differently. Tea is absorbed into the body on a whole different level. Coffee is high pressure. Tea has caffeine so it is a diuretic but you get more out of it than it takes out of you.
One of the other major differences between tea and coffee is that tea is an adaptogen. Thus, it offers a varied experience depending on what it is that your body needs. I remember it took me a while to get used to this. Tea can make you feel different at different times. Here is a list of what tea gives us:
Tea makes us feel happier thanks to L-Theanine.
Tea is social and offers a chance to share and connect. (think German beer hall, but less inebriated)
Tea can be reflective/introspective.
Tea can be a ritual.
Tea making can be a craft both in processing and brewing the perfect cup of tea.
Tea helps us relate to time and place (terroir).
Tea brings us into contact with nature.
Tea brings physical well being and balance.
Tea is thirst quenching.
Tea is delicious!


Posted by Josh Chamberlain

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