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The Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is good for you.

Our legal department advised that I start this post out with the statement, “I am not a doctor.” You've been warned.

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Upcoming Tea Class

If we want to know how to brew tea, we have to do our homework.

There’s a saying in the world of tea: if you want to learn about tea, tea is your greatest teacher. How do we learn about tea? We make tea.

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Buddha's Hand Oolong

It was a little over 25 years ago that the buddha hand varietal tea plants were brought to Taiwan. There, it was planted in three known locations: Ping Lin, Dong Ding's Zhu Shan, and Tai Dong's Lu Ye. 

Fo Shou

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Bug-Bitten Tea

The bugs seek out purity.

There’s a bug called the leafhopper that loves nothing more than to thrust its sharp beak- like mouth into tender baby-shoot tea leaves. Though this bug is small, its effect on the final tea is profound.

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Bourbon Barrel Aging Tea

We've come a long way since Portland tea blogger Geoffrey Norman pushed me through my paralysis by enthusiastically suggesting what type of t

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Bourbon Tea

Throughout the rolling green hills of Bluegrass state, white oak barrels line brick warehouses until time transforms the initially clear liquor known as "white dog" into a caramel-hued bourbon.

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Tea Infuser


While there is often talk of brewing the "best cup of tea," we often recommend starting the loose-leaf tea journey with a simple tea infuser.

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