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The Teabike

The teabike is parked on the courner of 19th and Agate, right next to Prince Puckler's, in front of where Eugene City Bakery used to be. The cart opperates Thursday through Sunday from noon to 5pm.

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Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is one of the most popular teas that we sell. Jasmine tea is tea scented with jasmine flowers. We carry two grades: Jasmine Green​ is the lower grade, but it is a great value and makes an excellent iced tea.

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Black Tea Ruby 18: brewed in a guy wan

Link to Ruby 18

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Black Tea - Li Shan 09 - Brewing

Li Shan High Mountain Black Tea - Summer 2009 - coming soon...

Here I am as the headless teaman. I am brewing up one of our amazing black teas, Li Shan Black 2009, in this video.

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Oolong – demystified, a little bit

Dry oolong, the one on the left: Ah Li. The one on the right Buddha Palm. Completely different teas. Both are Taiwan grown. Both are amazing!

The black dragon marks the spot. This tea is shrouded in mystery and beset with legend. The types of oolong alone can astound. This is the tea that developed a tea culture. Gong fu cha, steep and re-steep.

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Tea in the Coffeehouse

A place to discuss, read, think – and drink!

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Use Earl Grey tea to make buttery shortbread cookies with a bergamont flavor.

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