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Tea Bud

Who should sign up for the Tea Bud membership?

Tea Bud memberships are for people who would like more exposure to the world of tea. Maybe you're not sure what types of teas you like yet, or maybe you know you like green teas but have never tried oolongs and don't know where to start.

What will this membership get me?

Tea Buds get 2 to 3 different types of teas a month to experiment with. They span from green oolongs, roasted oolongs, black teas, white teas, formosas, puers and herbals. We choose a collection of teas that we feel best represents an accessible range of teas. Each tea comes with a description and recommended brewing method. This way, Tea Bud members can start to learn the words to describe the teas they like, whether its a green oolong with a full body and floral notes or a cooked puer with earthy, toasty flavors. We recommend this for people who are curious about learning more about tea and experimenting with their palate.

Tea Blossom

Who should sign up for the Tea Blossom membership?

Tea Blossom memberships receive the highest quality tea that J-TEA buys from Taiwan and China, primarily oolongs and puers. This membership is for people who have experience with tea and are looking for something special.

What will this membership get me?

Tea Blossoms will get 1 to 2 different types of the highest quality tea each month. The teas focus primarily on high mountain green oolongs, roasted oolongs, and cooked and raw puers and are exemplary of the best teas that Josh finds on his trips to Taiwan. We recommend that you fill out the "preferred teas" section of the form so that we can select teas that best suit your taste.

Shipping is included in the cost of all memberships

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