Eugene Tibetan Road

Eugene Tibetan Road - 1 oz

Epic journey of the senses. Earth, wood, ash, smoke. A really well made version of the 250g Cooked Puer Cake from Zhong Cha's tea factory. Firmly pressed, aged in a clean environment for about 15 years.

Beet greens - earthy vegetal note. Aged and refined. Texturally interesting with many layers of flavor. Still has some astringents, giving it a nice mouth smokey texture without smoke flavor. Mineral notes from the earth express the tea's terroir.

Stored in Eugene starting in 2013, now it is our own road to Tibet, bringing us visions of the ancient Silk Horse Road.


"Eugene Tibetan Road is a tea that has a subtle earthy, sweet taste. This tea is very grounding and matches my energy." - Darren C.