Hong Shui (SLX)

Hong Shui (SLX) - 1 oz

This is my favorite kind of tea. Hong Shui's distinct taste is that result of roasting, creating a mouth feel that leaves the sense of having the mouth lightly dusted with the pollen of a chocolate chip cookie flower. Oxidized roughly 60% and roasted 50 to 60%.

From Shan Lin Xi in Nantou, Taiwan, the high mountain when roasted, resonates well, rich yet lively.

Caffeine Rating: 5/10 L-Theanine Rating: 8/10

Origin: Shan Lin Xi, Taiwan | Style: Roasted High Mountain Oolong Tea

Leaf Varietal: Green Heart Oolong


"Roasty warm honey cascading into refreshing floral mist." - Zyv