Hua Gang

Hua Gang - 1 oz

This tea was grown 1.5 miles above sea level in Nantou County, Taiwan in Li Shan's Hua Gang area. This area is situated between Li Shan's famous Fu Shou San and He Huan Shan.

The sweet kettle corn aroma alone makes the mouth water. This tea's taste is subtle, as higher-elevation grown teas tend to have a slightly delayed profile. This one is elusive at first, but then follows through with an extended expression which seems almost surreal.

Bright clean flavors tickle the senses, reminiscent of blueberries or raspberries in cream. Creamy and stable, the experience of sipping is just that - an experience. It's almost as if each sip is more impressive than the one before. This is truly an amazing tea and the ultimate sipping tea! It reminds me a little bit of a margarita. It's time to party with tea!