Iron Goddess of Mercy

An Xi Iron Goddess - 1.27 oz Box

Iron Goddess or Tie Guan Yin is a legendary oolong tea. This Iron Goddess oolong was grown in An Xi County which is located in Fu Jian Province and it is the birth place of Iron Goddess. Geological studies show the area is full of stone covered mountains and a clay covered earth. These environmental factors lead to a wonderful ripe fruit flavor present in this tea. The positive qualities of this tea include a rich roasted aroma that carries some sweet nutty qualities. There is a slight note of creaminess also present in the aroma. After drinking, there is a sweet sensation on the back of the throat indicating superior quality. This batch of An Xi Tie Guan Yin is well oxidized and was given a heavy roast. The roasting adds to the body in this tea. It accentuates many of the underlying flavors and holds them in place so that we can enjoy them more intensely.