Rou Gui

Rou Gui - 1 oz

Rou Gui, or Rogue Way as we have affectionately given this tea an Oregon name. In Chinese Rou Gui means cinnamon. This is a smaller, lesser known tea of the famous Wu Yi Oolong teas, but no less sought after by its devoted fans. As Taiwan tea fanatics, we for the second time, are able to bring you a batch of Taiwan grown and Taiwan processed Rou Gui Oolong. This is an exceptional tea regardless of varietal. Rolled tightly, oxidized and roasted to a degree of perfection. With this tea, one is able to extract several layers of roast before really getting into the heart of the tea. This is one of the best teas that we found on our April, 2013 trip to Taiwan. If you are a Rou Gui traditionalist, this might not be the tea for you. If you like rich, highly oxidized oolongs, with a heavier, yet superb roast, then we can wholeheartedly recommend this tea.

Caffeine Rating: 4/10 L-Theanine Rating: 8/10

Style: Tightly Rolled Oolong Tea

Leaf Varietal: Green Heart Oolong