Tai He Sun

Tai He Sun - 1 oz

Brewed, Tai He Sun presents a round, full creaminess. Light up front, but with a substantial aftertaste as if floating on a cloud or down a river; there is a strong connection to nature with this tea. Slight cooling paired with round fullness, creating a worthwhile mouthfeel which is sticky and a bit chewy and then gently rings moisture from the tongue. For anyone who does not drink greener oolongs or green tea, this might have to be your exception. Somehow both delicate and substantial.

We were lucky to find this series of tea plots that are crafted under expert care. The tea master that grew and processed this tea also won the prize for best tea in all of Taiwan in both 2005 and 2006. 

Caffeine Rating: 5/10 L-Theanine Rating: 7/10

Origin: Mt. Ah Li, Taiwan | Style: Green Oolong Tea

Leaf Varietal: Green Heart Oolong